My Story.

I was 21, fresh out of university when my mum became quite seriously sick. Suddenly I needed a way to work from home, pay the mortgage and look after her. Failure was simply not an option and I toiled away night and day on my 2nd hand laptop, wrapped in a blanket to save money on heating. Every client was crucial, every project was precious and I vowed that would be my attitude towards work ever since.

I’m all about being hands on when it comes to marketing. To find practical and repeatable ways to reach more customers and make more sales. I simply don’t take on projects where I don’t feel there’s not a certain chance of my customers making a return.

Over the years I have worked for a diverse range of clients and the 4 key lessons I have learnt are:


Oliver Gwynne

A Hands on Marketer with 7 years experience in reaching more prospects, converting more sales and kicking more butt!


Take Nothing For Granted.

When I’m working on any project I always try and come at things from a completely fresh and unbiased viewpoint. I’m not stupid enough to think I’m going to be able to come in and instantly know everything about your industry, customers and strengths. It’s about taking you experience, coupling that with my own and working on a plan together that is going to be practical and get the results we want.

Win Ugly.

I am focused on goals and not tasks and am not precious about how we get there as long as we do. If a wordpress theme is going to accomplish our goals for your website then that’s what I’ll recommend. If the best way to reach your customers is a phone call then I’m not too proud to pick up the phone. It’s about doing whatever is right for your business and your industry to get the results you want.

Be Sustainable.

Sustainable is a word you’ll hear my use a lot. Too many marketing firms chase short term gains and one shot campaigns when really what you want is steady activity over many years that will change and adapt with the times. Once you have a campaign that works you should be asking how to make next year’s better, not scratching your head wondering what’s next.

Give Something Back.

Last but certainly not least, I always said when I got the time I would try and help more people like me. People who are literally starting with nothing, don’t have any business experience and are looking for some honest advice from someone who has been there. That’s why I bring out my weekly ‘Lessons’ step by step guides to some of the most puzzling aspects of business.

plan it, make it, share it

3 Simple Steps

That describe Oliver’s approach to helping businesses of all sizes.


Oliver firmly believes that if you treat people as you’d like to be treated, share your knowledge and deliver a great service people will come back for more!

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