Empathy is the core to any good writing. I take a fresh look at the issues, motivations and questions that your customers REALLY have and write something that engages them without coming across as a heavy handed. In most cases there’s a disconnect between what companies think their customers care about and the reality and so having a fresh pair of eyes can be very useful. In many cases I’ve written for sectors I have no previous knowledge of and being able to go in, ask those stupid questions often brings up overlooked issues a client hasn’t thought of before.

I have written a lot of top line content including brochures, mission statements, website texts as well as radio adverts and about 90% of the scripts for videos I’ve produced.

Top Line Content

Key content for your organisation whether it be in the form of a presentation, script or website presentation must convey a lot of information is a short amount of space and do so in a short amount of space. Persuasive writing is about considering each and every single word and the impact you want them to have. Whether someone has 30 seconds or 30 minutes you need to be able to inform and motivate that reader to act.

Blogs & Articles

Content marketing is all about keeping in front of your prospects mind in a non-intrusive way. Creating interesting content on a weekly basis is not necessarily easy and often time consuming, which is why many companies ask me to do this. I always try and write content that is going to be useful and informative for the end customer and not just a blatant sales pitch. I write regular weekly blogs for a number of clients and am comfortable with technical and industry specific topics.

Press Releases


PR is a relatively new area for me. Whenever I feel that a customer has an interesting story to shout about I will write and distribute a press release. I think many companies take for granted that anyone should care about their news and the trick is making company news into something actually interesting for regular readers. I have had a number of articles and spreads in local and national newspapers.


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