My Route into design was quite simple. Clients wanted their flyers etc to look like their videos. Having a cohesive brand is key to any promotional activity but is only successful over a long period of time. It’s only through prolonged use of the same fonts, colours and style that your potential customers begin to recognise your company.

I have designed a wide range of promotional materials including complete brands, brochures, flyers, social media assets, websites, apps. Trends come and go but I try to create bold and functional design that will catch your customers attention and guide them where you need to go. The starting point for any design is to understand the three core values you want to signify.

I have produced hundreds of assets for companies big and small.

Graphic Design

They key to a good marketing campaign is cohesive design throughout everything. Your video should match your website, your flyer, your adverts and your social media and this is where it can be useful to have one person overseeing everything. Closely matching your brand/campaign I can create complete marketing materials from scratch from brochures and leaflets to social media assets. I use the full Adobe Suite including Photoshop and Indesign, and you can check out some of my work by clicking the link.

Website Design

I have made myself extremely unpopular amongst web developers. For a large majority of website a simple wordpress theme with a few tweaks will do the trick. WordPress is a great platform to build in, has lots of online support and is easy for most clients to wrap their heads around. By and large I recommend WordPress to clients but where something is more complex you may need something bespoke.

I would describe myself as a capable web developer, with a decent grasp of coding but whenever something is beyond my reach I have a very trustworthy partner I can rely on to help. I’ve made a fair range of websites over the years, generally focusing on small to medium sized businesses.

App Development

I don’t do apps myself, I have a trusted partner and we will work closely throughout every stage of development. Most often I will design the User Interface and he will be the one to stitch it together into a workable app. We have designed Desktop, Android and IOS apps and most often will set our clients up on the app store so they have full control.

We have created apps as complex as money sharing and virtual paint to shopping apps, small gaming apps and before responsive design we did a lot of corporate apps. You can see a simple overview in this video playlist.


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