Action 4 Employment

Dates: 2010-2011
What did I do?: Copywriting – Video Production
What Did I learn?: I understood that although a company gets something out of producing content, it also makes the staff feel much more involved.
Achieved: I was able to engage with people who normally aren’t filmed and do so in a sensitive way. Testimonial content was seen as one of the main reasons behind Welfare to work contract wins.
Details: Working within action 4 Employment’s marketing team I was responsible for creation of both internal and external content both written and video. As a welfare provider I was able to work on a wide range of projects for diverse audiences.

A4e’s core contracts were centered around helping long term unemployed people back into work as part of this I wrote a lot of job advice and inspirational content aimed at helping people back into work, but also produced a lot of internal training videos on how to help different kinds of customers with different backgrounds for instance with drug abuse. As part of welfare reforms I produced a weekly vlog from the MD aimed at easing worried over job losses.
I also produced content for The Vox centre, a vocational learning centre for both adults and kids. Worked with Prisons through our contracts there and highlighted art in prison with the Koestler Trust as well as writing for The Money Advice Centre and Enterprise Start Up Schemes.
The core skills I enhanced was actually my empathy and my ability to talk to people of all walks of life, and try and think about the most effective ways of reaching them.


A4e videos

Vocational Education Centre

Koestler Trust

Manchester Arndale Centre 


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