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I started Make My Media as a way to pay the bills and look after my ill mother and over the course of 5 years built up a sustainable and successful business. We started off primarily as a video production business and found that customers wanted the brochures to look like the video and the website to match and quickly grew into a full service marketing agency.

Starting from nothing and with no money we grew very quickly and I learnt a lot about project and client management as well as business development and sales. I hired other freelancers for various projects, our largest size being 35 people and settled to a regular crew of about 9 people working with me on a day to day basis. In the first few years my business model was to take on a lot of work at lower prices with building a portfolio being the most important thing and once this was established I was able to work on better projects and for bigger clients such as Capita, Vodafone and The Civil Service.

Without significant investment to actually hire people, I could only rely on myself and became worried life was passing me by and I would burn out if I continued and so sold my business in 2016.

I developed a wide range of skills working for myself including time and team management, project liaison as well as enhancing my own technical skills.


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