Yogurt and Chocolate House

Overview: This growing business wanted to attract new franchisees
Dates: 2014-2015
What did I do?: Graphic Design, Video Production
What did I learn?: Chocolate is near impossible to film.
Achieved: How to create something within brand guidelines but still fresh enough to stand out.
Details: Often when I Produce content, its part of a wider campaign and its difficult to see what my individual impact is. One case where that was obvious was The Yogurt and Chocolate House. They were franchising and needed some new materials to help sell themselves.
I produced 2 videos and 2 brochures, massively cleaning up the text, shortening their message, making it both more accessible and also more honest about what people were signing up for. I also created some eye catching videos about the challenges of franchising. The immediate impact was 3 sign ups from an initial email totalling £300k of sales.
Since then I worked with them on a January campaign with a “round the world tour” which saw several countries take up master franchising agreements, This generated significant revenue for the company which was more or less unknown up until then.


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