Bronte Precision

Bronte Precision are a sub-contract machinist who focus on the manufacture of large and complex components for a variety of sectors and customers. My role was business development in the truest sense, overseeing all marketing and sales activity.

Bronte had a number of core customer it served but little outside this. This put them in a precarious position should any of their clients suddenly not need them. My aim was to attract several new and bigger customers to the business.

Using a joint up sales and marketing approach, I would research a specific industry (for example nuclear) identify prospects, create marketing material and then find the relevant contacts and try and convert them into customers. Often once they had gone from an enquirer to a customer I would also communicate with them and provide production updates.

This role uses all my combined skills and has had a big impact on the company. In the first year I increased sales by 31% and managed to beat this in my second year. The business has been able invest in new machinery, grown by 6 people, and is punching well above its weight in terms of some of the customers I acquired.

This project has helped me develop my broader business skill in particular PR, and have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, German Press and the Financial Times.


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