I have a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, in particular of On Page SEO. I think many businesses still see SEO as something of a dark art but at it’s core its about correctly labelling your different website elements so they can be better picked up by search engines. Search algorithms change 14+ times a year but at their core they want people to find information that is useful for them. I am not as well versed in off page SEO/link building.

Google Adwords

I have used Google Adwords extensively and was trained by Google themselves as to the best practice. As more businesses have become familiar with this advertising platform it has become significantly more competitive and the value has gone down when compared to 5 years ago. I tend to focus on very ‘high gate’ Adwords campaigns where prospects must meet a lot of criteria for targeting and their actions must usually be to buy something. I would never advise using paid media to simply raise awareness outside perhaps of an event.

Social PPC

I have used Pay Per click option on a number of social media platforms including twitter, instagram and facebook. I find that this medium tends to work better for B2C campaigns, promoting things like events or new product launches. In my experience it isn’t as effective for selling products when compared to google adwords and the level of detail on the analytical side makes it harder to justify spend at the moment.


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