Video Production was where my journey started. It’s what I studied at university, it’s what I did on work experience, but I always wanted to do things differently. I saw that most production crews were trained to make things in the manner of a film crew. Lots of big lights, big cameras and lots of takes. Sure, the production values were good but more often then not an entire business was disrupted for a whole day while filming occurred and all too often the result was wooden acting, that didn’t seem genuine.

The most important aspect with any video is the messaging. Get that right and everything else falls into place. When I make videos I try and come at everything from the viewers point of view, what do they really care about, what do they really want to know and move from there.

Over the years I’ve been to scale my production to suit the medium. I do have the big camera and the big lights, but the core of what I do in video is keep a strong focus on the message. I’m an Apple Certified Editor and have produced a few hundred videos for businesses big and small and this includes CGI and 2D animation.

Corporate Videos

Working closely with you, me and my crew can quickly script, shoot and edit the perfect video. I always try and get honest and real interviews from people that don’t feel forced and shout about what you and your business are doing. For businesses where filming may not be suitable (or they are really shy!) I do also have some fantastic presenters and studios to give you a high quality, professional appearance.

CGI Animations

I first tried my hand at CGI on work experience and after about a work could put shapes together to form a character. I’m actually self taught in CGI and use a combination of Maya and Blender in order to create a number of animations. This is often for ‘flythrough’ of buildings or to create scenes that might not exist in real life, with the right time and budget I’ve also made fully CGI characters too. Take a look at some highlights.

2D Animations

At 16 with a long summer holiday, Microsoft Movie Maker and Paint I started making my first animated music video frame by frame. Years later and my technology has improved and my skill too! Closely matching your brand i’m able to produce anything from simple explainer videos to full walking and talking characters. Check out some of my highlights here.


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